Agile SEA 2020

Aug 19-20, 2020

Connecting Agile Communities Across SEA

Creating awareness of Agile and creating connections across South East Asia and East Asia

This virtual conference brings together various regional Agile communities across South East Asia for a two-night event featuring regional and (hopefully) international speakers, for a total of 4 talks, to bring agilists, practitioners and the curious from all over South East Asia. Our hopes is to bring knowledge to the various communities and to create connections across the region.

This will be a minimally paid event to establish value and quality of participants. All proceeds (less costs - which is minimal) will be donated to charity. 


Ruben D. Canlas JR

Agile Coach

Shawn Cheng

CEO @ Tribeless

Lyssa Adkins

Coach, facilitator, teacher and inspirer

Alex Sloley

Agile Coach Facilitator Teacher Mentor


Day 1 - Aug 19, 2020

Open Ceremony
7:15-7:25PM Singapore Time

Topic#1: Developing Your Organization’s Agile Coaching Capability
Lyssa Adkins – 7:30-8:30PM Singapore Time

Topic#2: “Empathy In Action”: Creating Safe Spaces with Empathetic Conversations
Shawn Cheng – 8:45
-9:45PM Singapore Time

Day 2 - Aug 20, 2020​

Topic#1: The Product Owner and Scrum Master Brain Transplant! MWUHAHAHAHA!!!!
Alex Sloley – 7:30-8:30PM Singapore Time

Topic#2: Leading Organizational Transformation
Ruben D. Canlas JR – 8:45
-9:45PM Singapore Time

9:45-10:30PM Singapore Time



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